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  • Retractable Sip-And-Puff Tube
    • One switch extends/retracts an elegant straw near your mouth
      PLUS wheelchair brake/reset.
      • Typically a Sip-and-Puff controlled wheelchair will continue driving (out of control) if the tube comes out of the user's mouth. The brake/reset switch is adjusted so that, as the straw retracts, the wheelchair will come to a stop and reset waiting for a new Sip-and-Puff command.
    • Switch can be located inside the headrest or in any other convenient location which may be activated by movement of the user.
  • Retractable Micro Switch
    • Do you use a Head Array system?
      Connect our micro switches to your wheelchair's system for complete disclosure.
  • Retractable Oral Suction Tube
    • Perfect for individuals requiring frequent oral suctioning.
    • One switch extends/retracts an elegant straw near your mouth
      PLUS turns on/off your portable suction machine.
  • Retractable Drinking Straw
    • Do you require frequent hydration?
      Connect your hydration system's tubing and experience luxury.
  • Adjustable Length
    • Choose between 4 adjustable lengths:
      8inch, 9inch, 9.5inch, 10.5inch
  • Long Lasting
    • Full charge delivers over 750+ cycles!
    • Charges fully in only 3 hours.
"Experience Independence"
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Ean Price My name is Ean Price. I no longer have the ability to swallow due to Muscular Dystrophy. I choke with a high risk of aspiration pneumonia. Frequent oral suctioning of my mouth is required to remove saliva every 15-20 minutes. I cannot manually activate a battery powered portable suction machine due to my extremely limited motor function. Consequently I require the assistance of an attendant to turn the suction machine on and bring the suction straw to my mouth. My father, who is the co-inventor, and I have developed an assistive device titled the...
C9000 Assistive Device
Ean Price
Founder of ICAN Resource Group Inc.